Welcome to Primrose Art Club!

We are an art club for children that has recently opened up in Belper, Derbyshire. To find out more about our lessons click HERE.

About Us

Hi, my name is Amy and I am the owner of Primrose Art Club.

I have worked within education for over a decade, gaining experience within nursery, primary and alternative education settings. In 2019 I graduated from University with a first class honours degree in Education where I took modules in curriculum creation and art within education.

I opened this club up as a place for children to explore their creativity and learn skills they can carry with them for life. Not everybody has the space or available time to facilitate art at home. I myself was lucky enough to have a Gran who could provide me with a place to get creative, therefore I have made it my mission to provide the same for your children.

I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil and enjoy exploring the many ways we can create art. I love what I do and want nothing more than to share my knowledge and help others to learn to love art too.

To find out more about our lessons click HERE.

Space – Acrylics on Canvas

This week the Friday group had the challenge of creating their own space themed acrylic painting on canvas. They were encouraged to paint straight onto the canvas without sketching a design first to help everyone get use to the idea of building their painting up with layers. The first layer was several different shades of…

Christmas Tree Crafts

This week the toddlers have had fun making some fantastic Christmas Trees! First we painted some paper plates cut into thirds green, we also used a star sponge and some glitter glue to make the stars. At the end of the session we stuck all the pieces together with glue and used scrunched up tissue…

Galaxies and Nebulae Art

This week in the 4-9 year old sessions we have been creating some chalk pastel galaxies and shaving foam marbling nebulae (singular nebula). For our chalk pastel galaxies we chose two colours to make some circles and spirals which we then blended with our finger or a paint brush. Next we used a white or…