Illustrations of People

Today we had a look at some different illustrations of characters and the children chose an illustration each to have a go at recreating. First they drew the outline with pencil and then they used fine liner pens to ink the outline before colouring them in using some brush tip pens. One of the children said they felt weird trying to draw in a different style to what they are use to but enjoyed using the brush tip pens.

For the last part of the session the children had a go at drawing a girl in their own personal style. They tried to include some of what they had learnt about colour schemes in their choice of colours.

We also had a new person join us today so we briefly went over colour mixing again, this time we used watercolour paint instead of acrylic paint.

Next week we will be using what we have been practicing so far this month to plan a picture for a mini canvas painting project. We will be using what we have learnt about colour mixing, colour schemes, construction lines and the stylised method of illustrators.

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