Space – Acrylics on Canvas

This week the Friday group had the challenge of creating their own space themed acrylic painting on canvas. They were encouraged to paint straight onto the canvas without sketching a design first to help everyone get use to the idea of building their painting up with layers. The first layer was several different shades ofContinue reading “Space – Acrylics on Canvas”

Galaxies and Nebulae Art

This week in the 4-9 year old sessions we have been creating some chalk pastel galaxies and shaving foam marbling nebulae (singular nebula). For our chalk pastel galaxies we chose two colours to make some circles and spirals which we then blended with our finger or a paint brush. Next we used a white orContinue reading “Galaxies and Nebulae Art”

Chalk Pastels and Space

A couple of the children finished off their watercolour paintings from last week before joining everyone else in creating some chalk pastel pictures Everyone threw themselves into their chalk pastel space themed pictures with a real mix of chosen subjects. We have Saturn, a nebula, behind the moon with some nebula clouds, our solar systemContinue reading “Chalk Pastels and Space”

Toddler Nebula Arts and Crafts

We created four different types of art today based on nebula clouds (nebula clouds are where solar systems are created as the suns and planets are formed from the rock, gas and other materials in the nebula).They all involved experimenting with reactions and one of them was process art we cannot take home. The firstContinue reading “Toddler Nebula Arts and Crafts”

Watercolour Solar System Experiments

This week everyone in the 4-9 year old groups created their own solar systems and tried out different water colour techniques on each planet (some used their favourite techniques on multiple planets). Everyone enjoyed being able to experiment. The children had access to brushes, bubble wrap, cling film, foil, rice, salt, sponges and wax crayons.Continue reading “Watercolour Solar System Experiments”

Watercolour Nebula Paintings

During the first half of the session the children experimented with how they can manipulate the texture of watercolour paint using different household products. They had access to bleach, brushes, bubble wrap, cling-film, foil, rice, salt, sponges and tissue paper.During the second half of the session everyone chose a picture of a nebula as theContinue reading “Watercolour Nebula Paintings”

Foil Emboss Space Rockets and Clay Aliens

This week the toddlers had lots of fun having a go at making some foil emboss space rockets. First we glued some string onto cardboard cut out rockets and then we covered them with foil and ran our fingers along the string underneath to cause the emboss effect. Next the toddlers painted their rockets inContinue reading “Foil Emboss Space Rockets and Clay Aliens”

Derbyshire Wildlife Final Piece – Part 4

Today is the final session on the wildlife art, a couple of the children created some more yarn paintings to add to our display whilst one of the children worked on their fox. The yarn paintings have been incredibly time consuming but the end result is fantastic. Next week we will be starting our newContinue reading “Derbyshire Wildlife Final Piece – Part 4”