Animal Masks

Today our toddler group have made their own animal masks, they got to choose what animal they made; an elephant and a giraffe were chosen.
The toddlers drew round the mask templates with a yellow crayon, they then tried drawing the animals ears and horns attached to the mask outline. Initially they had a go at cutting out the masks but we found the card was a little bit too thick for them to cut so they had adult help with cutting out. After the masks were cut out they used glue to stick some bits and pieces from the collage box on their masks. We discovered some of the colourful material was see-through and had a go at sticking it over the eye holes so when looking through them we see different colours.
For the finishing touches we used some glitter glue to make our animals sparkly.

Next week we are going to make some animal fork paintings! Our toddlers thought hedgehogs would look really good with pointy spikes made by a fork.

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