Toddler Nebula Arts and Crafts

We created four different types of art today based on nebula clouds (nebula clouds are where solar systems are created as the suns and planets are formed from the rock, gas and other materials in the nebula).They all involved experimenting with reactions and one of them was process art we cannot take home. The firstContinue reading “Toddler Nebula Arts and Crafts”

Foil Emboss Space Rockets and Clay Aliens

This week the toddlers had lots of fun having a go at making some foil emboss space rockets. First we glued some string onto cardboard cut out rockets and then we covered them with foil and ran our fingers along the string underneath to cause the emboss effect. Next the toddlers painted their rockets inContinue reading “Foil Emboss Space Rockets and Clay Aliens”

Solar System Twirl Decoration and Paper Plate Space Ships

This week we had lots of fun sponge painting some paper plates cut into a spiral. The blue and red paint was squirted directly onto the plate and the toddlers used their sponges to spread it, they enjoyed mixing the red and blue together on the plate. After they had finished sponge painting the nextContinue reading “Solar System Twirl Decoration and Paper Plate Space Ships”

Paint Fireworks and Collage Bonfires

The main craft we made today were some paint spinning Catherine Wheels. These were made by squeezing blobs of two different colours of paint onto a paper plate, which we then flipped upside down onto some paper and spun. Next we added a wooden stick for the handle and some pipe cleaners and stars toContinue reading “Paint Fireworks and Collage Bonfires”

Mischievous Monsters

This week the toddlers have had lots of fun making some mischievous monsters. First we created some yarn wrapped monsters using rainbow wool, the children found wrapping the wool round tricky and needed some help from parents. They enjoyed sticking googly eyes and some goofy smiles on the finished monsters.Next they painted a plate usingContinue reading “Mischievous Monsters”

Clay Hedgehogs and Mark Making with Autumnal Finds

This week the toddlers enjoyed exploring found autumnal objects and using them with clay for making a hedgehog and experimenting with mark making. We had sweet chestnuts, acorns, sycamore seeds, beech nuts, ash keys, pinecones, twigs and leaves. We only looked at the sweet chestnut cases to see where the chestnuts come from as theyContinue reading “Clay Hedgehogs and Mark Making with Autumnal Finds”

Derbyshire Wildlife Art

This week our toddlers had lots of fun making a prickle of hedgehogs, parliament of owls and scurry of squirrels! We had a box of different materials in all sorts of autumnal colours and textures for the toddlers to explore whilst they created their hedgehogs. We also had some googly eyes for extra fun!For ourContinue reading “Derbyshire Wildlife Art”