Exploring the Grid Method – Part 1

We have an ambitious project coming up this term for the Friday group. They will be creating some British wildlife art in their sketchbooks which they will then use the grid method to enlarge on some A2 paper for the display.
To prepare them for it we are going to spend the next three weeks practicing using the grid method in their A3 sketchbooks. I have given everyone some A4 acetate sheets with 4cm x 4cm square grids to use for this project. They will be drawing 8cm x 8cm square grids in their sketchbook and then placing the acetate grid over a picture, using it to help them draw bigger versions of the images.
For this week the children had the choice of some different famous paintings to test this method out, the materials they used were brush-tip pens and pencils. I also asked everyone individually what they would like to try drawing next week.

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