The Spooky Undead

This week the toddlers had fun creating some spooky undead creatures. First we created some skeletons by gluing cotton buds and cotton wool onto a paper figure to represent the bones. Then we made a skull mask out of a paper plate, we stuck tissue paper onto the mask to create texture. For the finishing touches we stuck teeth, eye and nose holes onto the mask.
For our second activity we painted a ghost cut of black paper white using cotton wool. We used a peg to hold the wool as we painted the ghost. A couple of the children ended up painting their hands white too!
Finally the children created a mummy by covering a cut out of a person with different tape. To make our mummies more exciting I brought my box of different coloured tapes so the toddlers could choose what colours they want. They really enjoyed pulling and tearing the tape.

Next week we are going to make some witches potions and hats.

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