Foil Emboss Space Rockets and Clay Aliens

This week the toddlers had lots of fun having a go at making some foil emboss space rockets. First we glued some string onto cardboard cut out rockets and then we covered them with foil and ran our fingers along the string underneath to cause the emboss effect. Next the toddlers painted their rockets in the colours of their choice and we used strips of tissue paper to make the rockets flames. At the end of the session some of the children enjoyed pretending their rocket was flying up in the air, they shouted “Blast off!”.
During the second half of the session the toddlers created some clay aliens and decorated them by pushing beads and googly eyes into the clay. One of the children wanted to make a dinosaur instead of an alien when we first started, once we began adding the beads they decided it was an alien dinosaur. The toddlers enjoyed rolling the clay into sausages and then flattening them to make the different shapes they wanted.
Next week we are going to explore a bunch of different reactions in order to make some amazing nebula abstract art.

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