Oil Pastel Patterns & Monsters

For the first part of this term we are going to be focusing on colour and patterns for our topic. Today we have been having fun trying out oil pastels! For our first task everyone drew round their hand and tried making patterns using opposite colours in the colour wheel!
Everyone enjoyed exploring mark making with the oil pastels and the vibrant colours they create.

For our second task everyone made some fantastic monsters! Some of the children had a go at sgraffito (put a layer of a light colour down and then put a darker colour on top, then use a pointed instrument such as a plastic needle or wooden craft stick) on their monsters to add details such as hair on their monsters body. We also had some googly eyes available to add to the monsters where they wanted.
We decided to arrange the monsters on the table to take a class photo of them like they were monsters at monster school.

One of the children spent a long time near the end of the session making a sgraffito fireworks picture. I thought I would share it with everyone as you can see quite well how sgraffito works. For the bottom layer they used lots of different colours and then for the top layer they used black, this was the most time consuming part. Next they used a plastic needle and a glue spreader to scratch firework shapes into the black oil pastel, revealing the colours underneath.

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