Galaxies and Nebulae Art

This week in the 4-9 year old sessions we have been creating some chalk pastel galaxies and shaving foam marbling nebulae (singular nebula). For our chalk pastel galaxies we chose two colours to make some circles and spirals which we then blended with our finger or a paint brush. Next we used a white orContinue reading “Galaxies and Nebulae Art”

Watercolour Solar System Experiments

This week everyone in the 4-9 year old groups created their own solar systems and tried out different water colour techniques on each planet (some used their favourite techniques on multiple planets). Everyone enjoyed being able to experiment. The children had access to brushes, bubble wrap, cling film, foil, rice, salt, sponges and wax crayons.Continue reading “Watercolour Solar System Experiments”

Foil Emboss Space Paintings

This week we tried out foil embossing, using cereal boxes, string, foil and glue. To begin with the children drew and cut out a planet or space ship out of the cereal box cardboard. Next the children glued string to the cardboard, creating either lines or shapes. Next the children wrapped foil around their planetContinue reading “Foil Emboss Space Paintings”

Free Choice Fireworks & Bonfire Collages

As it is Bonfire Night soon this week the children have made some bright and colourful firework and bonfire pictures.For the fireworks they had the choice of oil pastels or paint and everyone had access to glitter glue and star sequins. Meanwhile for the bonfires everyone created collages. We ended up with a wide varietyContinue reading “Free Choice Fireworks & Bonfire Collages”

Collage Costume Masks

This week during our 4-9 year old sessions we created some fantastic masks out of card and collage materials. Some of the children knew what they wanted to create straight away, a few needed some time to think first. Although seeing other’s creations quickly provided the spark they needed to come up with their ownContinue reading “Collage Costume Masks”

Halloween Bunting

This week we created some spooky Halloween bunting using paper, chalk pastels and ribbon in our Wed & Thurs afternoon sessions. Some of the children enjoyed coming up with a story as they made the bunting, so the order of the pictures on the string followed the story order.Everyone loved blending the pastels with aContinue reading “Halloween Bunting”

Halloween Night Scenes

This week our 4-9 year old group had the opportunity to learn and practice some brush techniques with some spooky Halloween paintings.During the first half of the session the children first had to paint their backgrounds using two shades of blue and red for the paint. The children were told to use side to sideContinue reading “Halloween Night Scenes”

Autumn Natural Objects Still Life

This week the 4-9 year olds have been creating some still life drawings with the extra challenge of they are only allowed to use coloured pencil crayons. This was a tricky challenge which made the children look carefully at what colours and shapes they could see. At times we had a few tears and drawingsContinue reading “Autumn Natural Objects Still Life”

Filling Negative Space

This week the children have been exploring negative space and coming up with ideas of how to fill that space. They created the negative space by placing a leaf on a sheet of paper and rubbing chalk pastel over it. Below is an example of what negative space looks like before the children fill it.Continue reading “Filling Negative Space”