D.I.Y Puppets

This week we have made some awesome sock and stick puppets!
The children had lots of fun experimenting with different ways they could make puppets and using different materials.

One of the children managed to make three different types of axolotl puppets using brush tip pens, one sock, two pieces of felt and a lollipop stick! Another child thought the smooth texture of a ribbon felt like a fish and used it for their mermaid. Someone else made a very simple Creeper puppet (creature from Minecraft) only using card and a green sock. We also had a fantastic rabbit with long hair and a fluffy tummy. The mermaid with the green tail had that particular sock chosen due to the texture of the sock looking like she had a green crop top and tail! We also had a paper plate car stick puppet which turned into a mask, a stick person in a school uniform and a beautiful fairy. The last puppet was a rabbit friend for the other rabbit, unfortunately we ran out of time before it was finished so we gave the child a bag of bits and pieces so it could be finished at home.

Next week we will be making a lift the flap ship picture!

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