Tape and String Drawing

The Thursday group had the task of drawing somewhere they know using only paper and tape during the first half of the session this week. We ended up with sunset in the countryside, home and a firework display!

Everyone had a lot of fun looking at all the different coloured and patterned tape, they also enjoyed practicing their scissor skills when cutting the paper into the shapes they needed. One of the children knew how to make a loop of tape to stick their paper onto the card without needing to put tape all along the edges. This child created the sunset picture and preferred the tape to not be visible unless they wanted it to make a particular image, such as sunrays or trees.

During the second half of the session the children were given the opportunity to use string as an additional way of making lines. The children thought string was amazing for drawing plants and animals such as hedgehogs. They all decided to have a go at trying to recreate their own gardens.

Next week we will be making some sock and stick puppets.

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