Fantastic Animal Puppets

This week we made sock and stick puppets, everyone started off making a sock puppet first and then for their second puppet they could choose to make a stick puppet or another sock puppet (the mermaid puppet ended up turning into a cut and stick picture!
Everyone took a lot of care and attention in selecting the materials they wished to use. We had a box of buttons, some brush tip pens, felt and a box of different materials to choose from. The starting idea everyone was given was to make some sea creatures which inspired them to think of what animals they personally would like to create.

One of the children thought the feathers would work well to make their rabbit feel fluffy. Another child decided to make a magician’s rabbit with a sparkly tummy. We also had a fantastic snake with a funny red tongue, kindly worn by one of the guardians so we could take a photo. We also had a clever owl with feather wings and the front of the sock cut short to give him a tail at the back. One of the children noticed a blue sock had a texture that reminded them of the lines on a whale’s tummy in drawings, so she used a pen to make the lines stand out more and add a bow hole and eyes. We also had a lazy sloth with scratch string on his head that one of the children thought looked like sloth’s hair. We also had a mermaid that started as a stick puppet and evolved into a sticky picture, she had absolutely amazing sparkly hair!

Next week we will be making our own lift the flap ship!

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