Fizzy Painting

This week the children had lots of fun exploring fizzy painting. To make a fizzy painting you need bicarbonate of soda, plastic cups, distilled vinegar, food colouring, pipettes and water colour paper.
The first thing we did was mix food colouring with the distilled vinegar (the red, pink and orange look very similar in colour on the photo). We then sprinkled bicarbonate of soda on top of our watercolour paper.

Next using the pipettes we added the colourful vinegar to the bicarbonate of soda. We watched it fizz and the colours mix as more were added.

Finally the children had lots of fun experimenting with paint brushes and seeing if they could change and manipulate the fizzy art by using the paint brush splatter method for adding vinegar or mixing the bicarbonate of soda round their paper.

Next week we will be making some press paintings.

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