Natural Dyes Workshop

Today we had lots of fun exploring some of the natural dyes we can make using vegetables and berries that we can buy from the shops. We used red cabbage, blackberries, spinach and turmeric to make our dyes.

We actually used the red cabbage to make three different colours thanks to a fun from science experiment! The dye we made boiling the cabbage for three hours was purple, when the children added bicarbonate of soda to the dye it turned green. They also experimented with adding lemon juice to the dye which turned it red. The colour of the dye is affected by how acidic or alkaline the solution is!

For the turmeric and blackberries we mashed them up and added water to form a colour paste. The turmeric made yellow and the blackberries made a dark red. With the spinach we soaked it in boiled water for 20 minutes to make green.

After we made the dyes everyone then started painting our amazing flags.

The flags were still wet so we’ve popped them up to dry and will give everyone their flags back next week.

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