Mark Making with Leaves – Graphite and Chalk Pastels

This week our toddler group have been exploring mark making with leaves, they also had access to a piece of grass and some bark. The leaves were different ones I found around Belper whilst on a walk, I tried to find different shapes to make it more interesting.
We used thin paper, graphite sticks, chalk pastels and brushes to make the leaf rubbings. The children used the brush with the chalk pastel rubbings as we found it helped pick up the details of the leaves better. With the graphite they could just rub it over the paper on top of the leaf.

After we had finished exploring doing leaf, bark and grass rubbings the children had fun making some leaf collages out of their favourite leaves. Next week we will be exploring mark making with paint and some different autumnal found objects such as acorns, pinecones and leaves.

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