Derbyshire Wildlife Art

This week our toddlers had lots of fun making a prickle of hedgehogs, parliament of owls and scurry of squirrels!
We had a box of different materials in all sorts of autumnal colours and textures for the toddlers to explore whilst they created their hedgehogs. We also had some googly eyes for extra fun!
For our squirrels we had lots of tissue paper to rip up and scrunch together before sticking on with the googly eyes.
For our owls we had chalk pastels and paint brushes, the children loved blending the chalk pastels colours together with a paintbrush.
After each animal set was made the children loved placing them altogether and counting how many animals we have in each group. They also enjoyed making owl noises.
Next week we will be making some prickly Hedgehogs out of clay, sticks, acorn hats and sycamore seeds! We will also be experimenting with mark making in clay.

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