Witch’s Tool Kit

This week we not only made some awesome witch themed art but we also had fun with two mini science experiments!
The first thing we did was paint some paper plates for the witch’s cauldron black so we could leave them to dry while we did our science experiments. We used a sponge and dabbed the plates to add some texture to them rather than smearing the paint.

Our first experiment involved bicarbonate of soda and vinegar with food colouring mixed in. The children used a pipette to squirt the colourful vinegar onto some paper covered with bicarbonate of soda. The children loved watching the fizzy colours and thought it was like magic! They also enjoyed watching how the colours mixed when you placed two colours near each other.

For our second experiment we covered a shallow tray in shaving foam and then using a pipette again we added drops of food colouring around the foam before partially mixing the colours together. Then we gently placed paper on top of the foam, pressing down lightly before removing it and using a piece of cardboard to scrap the foam off, leaving the print of the colours behind. We stuck the foam print onto one of our plates for the cauldron and then stuck the second paper plate (which had it’s middle cut out) on top so that it looks like a witch’s cauldron with a magic potion brewing.

For our final craft we made a witch hat using black card and a paper plate, which we then decorated using collage materials.
Next week we will be creating some bonfire night themed art.

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