Halloween Jars

This week as a break from our display project the children painted some Halloween Lantern jars to take home. They had the choice of tissue paper or paint for decorating the jars, everyone ended up decorating two jars to take home. Unfortunately I missed taking photos of three of the jars as we ended up needing to use the radiators to dry the jars between layers of paint and I was helping one child as parents arrived to take them home. This was quite different to when the younger children created autumnal jars and may have been due to wetter and colder weather.
As with the younger children I brought some electric candles into session for the children to check their lanterns with. One of the lanterns I missed photographing was actually all black except for a orange pumpkin, it looked quite interesting with the light mostly obscured except for one area.

Next week art club will be on Tuesday instead due to a funeral I am attending on the Friday and we will be continuing with the display work.

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