Foil Emboss Space Paintings

This week we tried out foil embossing, using cereal boxes, string, foil and glue. To begin with the children drew and cut out a planet or space ship out of the cereal box cardboard. Next the children glued string to the cardboard, creating either lines or shapes. Next the children wrapped foil around their planet or space ship and gently ran their fingers along the string to make it stand out and cause an emboss effect.

Next the children created their space backgrounds by sponge painting blue, red and white onto the paper and splatter painting yellow. While waiting for the backgrounds to dry everyone had lots of fun painting their foil planets and space ships, it gave them the opportunity to strengthen the appearance of the emboss by painting along the lines or painting within areas such as the Earth like planet, the spot on Jupiter and the different sections on the space ships.
Everyone did a fantastic job and had lots of fun with exploring how we can use foil in artwork. Next week we will be doing some clay modelling and using beads and pipe cleaners to help us make some funky aliens.

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