Solar System Twirl Decoration and Paper Plate Space Ships

This week we had lots of fun sponge painting some paper plates cut into a spiral. The blue and red paint was squirted directly onto the plate and the toddlers used their sponges to spread it, they enjoyed mixing the red and blue together on the plate. After they had finished sponge painting the next task was splatter painting stars! Everybody loved trying out platter painting and one of the children got more paint on their parent than on their solar system!
We left our paper plates to dry whilst we chose some different coloured paper circles to try different ways of making prints, we had string, bubble wrap, scrunched up foil and cardboard to try.

Whilst waiting for the paint to dry (so we could string the solar system together) the children made some alien space ships out of paper plates, they had different shapes to glue on and we also threaded some beads on pipe cleaners to add some fun hoops onto the ships. The toddlers found threading on pipe cleaners a lot easier than on string and had fun choosing different coloured beads. Finally everyone drew their own alien and gave them some googly eyes before sticking them in their space ship.
Next week we will be trying out foil embossing and creating some clay aliens.

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