Chalk Pastels and Space

A couple of the children finished off their watercolour paintings from last week before joining everyone else in creating some chalk pastel pictures

Everyone threw themselves into their chalk pastel space themed pictures with a real mix of chosen subjects. We have Saturn, a nebula, behind the moon with some nebula clouds, our solar system and two galaxy pictures. One of the galaxy pictures (middle bottom row) is actually mix media, instead of black card the child painted a page of their sketchbook black and then added colour in swirls in the centre, then using scissors they scrapped bits of chalk pastel onto the page before finishing with glue spray.

Next week we will be creating some canvas paintings and testing out a couple of paint techniques.

One thought on “Chalk Pastels and Space

  1. Such a variety and confidence. Love your descriptions of how the pieces are made.
    I think the Space Museum might be interested in displaying them especially if you put ages on them.


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