Galaxies and Nebulae Art

This week in the 4-9 year old sessions we have been creating some chalk pastel galaxies and shaving foam marbling nebulae (singular nebula).
For our chalk pastel galaxies we chose two colours to make some circles and spirals which we then blended with our finger or a paint brush. Next we used a white or yellow pastel to make lots of dots to represent stars. Some of the children decided to add extra features to their lovely galaxies.

Our second activity involved experimenting with foam marbling with food colouring. We thought the marble result looked a bit like a nebula, nebula’s are where stars and planets are born and are clouds made of dust and gas. To make our nebula we filled the bottom of a tray with shaving foam and then we used pipettes to add lots of spots of food colouring. Next we mixed the colours round the foam in swirls. After this we lightly pressed a piece of paper onto the foam before lifting it up and scrapping the foam away with a piece of card, leaving behind the colourful swirls!
During our experiments we found that the prints looked better if we did not completely mix all the colours. Everyone had lots of fun with this messy experiment!
Next wee we are starting our Christmas theme by making some salt dough tree ornaments and painting some wooden tree ornaments. We are planning to paint the salt dough the following week.

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