Space – Acrylics on Canvas

This week the Friday group had the challenge of creating their own space themed acrylic painting on canvas. They were encouraged to paint straight onto the canvas without sketching a design first to help everyone get use to the idea of building their painting up with layers. The first layer was several different shades of blue, red, white and black sponge painted onto the canvas. The subsequent layers were different for each child, they could use palette knives, brushes, different textured sponges and foil.
I took some photos of their work in progress as well as their end result, it was interesting seeing how the paintings developed over the hour they spent working on them. Layers, texture and colour was slowly added and it was nice to see everyone being experimental with their application of paint.

Below you can see the end product of everyone’s hard work, five interesting interpretations of creating a space themed painting. The children had so much fun working with canvas they have asked if we can make some Christmas themed canvas paintings next week, look forward to seeing them!

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