Christmas Tree Crafts

This week the toddlers have had fun making some fantastic Christmas Trees!
First we painted some paper plates cut into thirds green, we also used a star sponge and some glitter glue to make the stars. At the end of the session we stuck all the pieces together with glue and used scrunched up tissue paper as baubles.

For our send christmas craft we made these lovely Christmas Tree suncatchers. The toddlers stuck strips of different coloured tissue paper over a triangle cut out of the middle of the card. When we flip the card over it looks like a beautiful stripy Christmas Tree! For the finishing touches we added some star sequins at the top of the tree and a ribbon so we can hang our trees in the window.

Our final craft involved threading some beads on the branches of some pipe cleaner trees. The threading required perseverance and we found some beads were easier to thread than others. Once the children had finished threading beads they chose a ribbon to put through the hoop at the top of the tree to turn it into an ornament to hang on their Christmas Tree at home.
Next week our session will have a snowman theme.

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