Mark Making Experiment

Today the children had loads of fun exploring mark making with paint. The session started off with them exploring using different mark making tools such as paper plates, masking tape, brushes, cardboard, mixing different materials in paint such as salt, different types of sponges and splashing water on wet paint.

Then one of the children had an idea for an experiment, they placed a stencil on the paper and started dripping lots of different colours on top of the stencils to see if you could see the animal shaped once the stencil was moved. This experiment resulted in a vibrant mix of colours with a marbling effect marbling. They noticed you could make out the shape of the moose’s antlers, otherwise it was hard to make out the animals. Next they placed the removed stencil on a clean piece of paper to see what mark would be left behind.

After this the group decided to continue with the idea of dripping paint on paper to make a collection of interesting and vibrant paintings. One of the paintings also had bubble wrap mark making worked into it (first image to the left below) and another had a small paper plate dinosaur stuck on top of rainbow rain (far right, below).

Overall the children had a lot of fun experimenting with acrylic paint, especially creating drip art. Next week we are going to choose the topic for our next mini project. The project will be focusing on making small illustrative books with some text as an exploration of illustration.

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