Final Book – Part 1

This week we started our final piece for our illustrative book project. We ended up spending most of the session measuring out and cutting the paper for the books to the right size, the last part of the session was spent on painting some of the backgrounds and covers.
The ‘L’ shaped book is going to be folded up to make a concertina book that you gradually open up, the book is going to be about the places the creator has visited and wants to visit in the future. The side shown in the photo is going to feature an airplane in the sky and a cruise ship in the sea. The information and illustrations of the countries will go on the opposite side.
The red and yellow book is going to be about the creators favourite footballers on their favourite football team and the different places they all came from.
With the most time consuming part – measuring and cutting the pages – finished we should be able to finish off the books next week.

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