Drawing without a pencil

This week our 4-9 year old groups have an interesting challenge! They need to try drawing a picture without a pencil, pen, pastel or any other mark making materials.
For their first drawing challenge they had to draw a picture of a town or city using only scissors, paper and tape. Everyone rose to the challenge and we got an interesting variety of pictures including a park, garden, holiday villa, tower block, house by a lake and a city on bonfire night.

The holiday home picture was inspired by one of the children’s recent holiday, they stayed near the sea and said the stars were really bright at night. They also said that the flower garden was inspired by a hill covered in flowers they walked up.

After they finished the tape and paper pictures the children had a go at drawing using tape and string. One of the children said it was a lot harder drawing with string as you needed lots of tape to stop the string moving. The children had the choice of drawing whatever they wanted with string, from windmills to pandas to people.

Next week we will be creating some puppets, the children will have the choice of making sock and/or stick puppets.

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