Autumnal Lanterns

This week our 4-9 year olds have been making some Autumnal Lanterns using recycled jam jars, acrylic paint, tissue paper, leaves, glue and tea light candles. We had a battery operated candle available so we can test out the lanterns before taking them home.
The children were given the option of making Halloween themed lanterns if they wanted to instead of autumn themed. Some of the lanterns had different pictures on each side of the lantern, the pumpkin lanterns were all orange except for their front and a couple of the lanterns had a repeating pattern on all sides. One child made a Bonfire lantern, they painted the jar and then stuck leaves all over it.

We have ended up with a wide variety of different and interesting lanterns, with the three pumpkin ones being the only ones similar to each other. Next week we are going to be exploring negative space with leaves.

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