Mark Making with Autumn Found Objects – Paint

This week the toddlers have enjoyed exploring mark making with paint, acorns, pine cones, leaves and sponges.
The first experiment we tried out was rolling acorns through paint, to begin with the acorns kept getting stuck in the paint but after a few pushes they began rolling better. For our second experiment we had different shaped pine cones and the toddlers experimented with rolling them too initially before they realised it was more fun to hold onto the pine cones and twirl them in the paint. For our third experiment we placed a leaf on a piece of paper and used a sponge stamp to splodge paint on top and around the leaf. This left the shape of the leaf behind when we removed it.

Some of the toddlers were enjoying squeezing the paint in their hands so we showed them a fun colour changing experiment where you paint each hand a different primary colour and then rub them together to change the colour. Some of the parents/guardians kindly allowed the toddlers to use their hands for the experiment if the toddler did not want paint on their hands.

Next week we are going to make some animals you can find in Derbyshire.

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