Halloween Night Scenes

This week our 4-9 year old group had the opportunity to learn and practice some brush techniques with some spooky Halloween paintings.
During the first half of the session the children first had to paint their backgrounds using two shades of blue and red for the paint. The children were told to use side to side brushstrokes so any lines left behind went the same direction. Next they put white paint on the tip of a paint brush and tapped it with another to do a technique called splatter painting. This technique was used to make the stars on their night skies.
Everyone did a fantastic job trying to follow the instructions.

During the second half of the session while waiting for the backgrounds to dry the children drew and painted their foreground images on a separate piece of paper. The only limitation was they needed to make a Halloween themed foreground, otherwise they could choose. We ended up with some spooky pumpkins, flying witches, spooky ghosts, sneaky cats, quiet bats and mischeavous monsters.

Next week we will be making our own D.I.Y Halloween bunting.

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