Mischievous Monsters

This week the toddlers have had lots of fun making some mischievous monsters. First we created some yarn wrapped monsters using rainbow wool, the children found wrapping the wool round tricky and needed some help from parents. They enjoyed sticking googly eyes and some goofy smiles on the finished monsters.
Next they painted a plate using bubble wrap, they really enjoyed this especially as they could mix red and white paint. We also made these monsters antennae using pipe cleaners, we wrapped them round pencils to make them curly.
Finally the children made some monster masks out of paper plates, we cut eye holes out and added the string, otherwise the toddlers did everything themselves. They were very proud of their masks and wanted photos of them wearing the masks (with parent/guardian permission).

Next week we will be making some spooky skeletons, ghosts and mummies.

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