Monochrome Feathers

Budgie and Cockatiel Feathers

Today we had a look at some bird feathers from budgies and cockatiels, we then chose some feathers to draw. The biggest challenge was to see if we could draw the feathers’ larger than they are in real life!
After we had drawn them our next task was to paint or colour the feathers in using monochrome colour schemes. The children could make complex or simple patterns, the only rule was trying to use just one colour and white to make tints of the chosen colour. We ended up with some awesome experiments with texture!

A couple of the children came up with their own experiments which were a bit different to the pictures above! One child had a go at painting a feather realistically and another decided to see what it would look like if they painted the background of the feather, leaving the feather itself paint free.

We will be creating some art to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee next week and the 10-13 year old group will be joining us as Strutts will be closed from Thursday next week for the Jubilee.

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