Feather Patterns and Colour Mixing

For our first Thursday 4-9 year old session we drew some budgie and cockatiel feathers like the Wednesday group did before half term (click HERE), but instead of monochrome patterns we experimented with colour mixing. We had red, light blue, dark blue, yellow and white paint long with different sized paint brushes to experiment with!
The feathers are going to look amazing on the display board with the monochrome feathers, Fairy Grotto and spin paintings!
The children spent a lot of care and attention on selecting what colours and patterns to use on their feathers. They also experimented with trying to show the fluffy texture of the feathers.

One of the children decided to try painting a bird during the last ten minutes, they enjoyed mixing paint to create orange, two different shades of brown and green.

Next week we will be having lots of fun creating some fabulous colourful masks!

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