Spin Paintings

This week our Toddler group had lots of fun experimenting with spin art! To create spin paintings you need white, red, blue and yellow paint, some paper plates and paper. You place two-four blobs of paint on the plate, preferably different colours and spaced apart. Then you place the plate paint side down on the paper and press gently down on the plate whilst spinning it round in a circle.

It was lots of fun seeing how the different colours of paint mixed with each other, sometimes they would mix properly and make new colours and other times we got a marbling effect where one colour would be streaked with another colour. We also experimented with adding an extra colour to a plate after it was used and then using it again on the paper!
The paint spinning created some interesting textures so we took some close up photos so those looking at the post can see better (you will need to click on the photos to enlarge them).

We noticed some new colours in our spin art such as green even though we had only used white and primary colours. It was exciting to see what colours were made and we decided to spontaneously make some handprint colour mixing paintings. For these we painted each hand a different primary colour and then rubbed our hands together. It was like magic watching the colours change!

Next week our toddler group will not be on as Strutts Community Centre is closed for the Queen’s Jubilee. We will see you after half term.

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