Book Designing: Backgrounds

This week our Friday group has been experimenting with ideas for the backgrounds. Using paint and different tools they experimented with what find of textures they could create for the backgrounds of the pages of their books (behind the text and illustrations). Sponges and string painting made some really interesting textures that one of the student’s thought would work well for the book cover. They tried experimenting with black paper and how it compared to white paper as the base colour.

Using different paper produced some interesting effects with the paintings, the students felt that the black paper ended up looking messy whilst the red paper looked quite striking with streaks of yellow.

There was also some experimentation with brush tip pens and calligraphy which we will continue after half term. We will explore the different ways we can create the words of the book, calligraphy, typography, mixed media and printing. Next week Strutts Community Centre will be closed for the Queen’s Jubilee on Friday so our 10-13 year old group will be joining the Wednesday group.

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