Jubilee Decorations and Free Choice

Today we created some lovely placemats and garlands for the Queen’s Jubilee, the children also decided to create some other decorations using different colours.

The first decoration we made was some Jubilee placemats, we drew patterns with wax crayons on a piece of A4 paper and then painted over the top using water colour paints. The children enjoyed exploring wax resist painting, especially using the white wax as it was like uncovering a secret. Next they cut out a circle of tin foil and painted with acrylic paints their idea for a plate design.
Once the paint was dry we then laminated them, this way the children had a reusable and washable placemat ready for their Jubilee meal!

Next we made some garlands, some of the children used the British flag colours but most decided they wanted to try using different colours or themes. We ended up with a variety of ways of creating garlands. Some garlands were made out of paper plates, some by using a paper doily as a stencil and several with a ring cut out of cardboard. The cardboard ring garlands ended up being a mix of painted and collage.

Everyone wanted to try out paint spinning which two of the children used to make their fantastic paper plate garlands. They were inspired by the plate spinning art our toddler group had created the previous week which were on our display.

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