Harry Potter Magic Wands

Because it is July, the month Harry Potter was born, we have decided to have a Harry Potter themed art month! To start off with today we made some Harry Potter wands using sticks, string, buttons, hot glue guns, paint and glitter!
I made some example wands for the children to look at before they began creating theirs to help give them some ideas. Everyone thought string wound round the stick made the most interesting wand handle and came up with their own variations. One of the children thought it might be interesting to stick a pom-pom on the end of their wand as a pretend orb which fills with magic. Another child made rings of hot glue a different parts of the wand and painted the glue gold. One of the children got really ambitious and made a flare of magic coming out the end of their wand using hot glue, red paint and glitter. Creating the main body of the magic using hot glue took a long time and a lot of patience.
After everyone had finished their wands they had a couple of pretend wizard’s duels, showing off their memory of different Harry Potter Spells.

Next week we will be practing our observational drawing skills with a still life drawing of some jars decorated to look like potion bottles.

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