Lift the Flap Ship Fleet

This week we had a go at making our own lift the flap pictures!
Everyone started with a stencil of a ship, a pencil, rubber and ruler to make their secret rooms, draw their characters and add decorations to their ships. Once this task was completed they were given the option of watercolour paints, brush-tip pens and pencil crayons for adding colour. Everyone chose to use watercolour paints and the majority chose to use brush-tip pens to add details to their picture. After everything was coloured in they each had some paper to paint and cut into the right size flaps to cover the rooms, they then glued just one side of the flaps down so that they can be opened and shut.
We ended up with a wide variety of ships! There was an alien cruise ship, rainbow pirate ship, fairy rainbow ship, minecraft pirate ship and a mermaid party ship!

Next week we are going to make some jellyfish wind charms using string, pony beads and plastic pots!

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