Exploring mark making with different textures

This morning our toddler group has had loads of fun exploring mark making in paint using different tools and materials. We had some different shaped flowers, brushes, plastic palette knives, bubble wrap, noodles, different sponges, netting from packs of oranges, cardboard and our own hands!
We also had a go at making magic paint by mixing bicarbonate of soda into the paint and then dripping some lemon juice on it. The toddlers thought it was magical and loved watching the paint fizz.

We also had a go at colour mixing by painting each of our hands a different colour and rubbing them together.

After all the fun we had in the first half of the session during the second half everyone got their own boat picture to paint using any of the tools they liked. Magic paint and finger painting ended up being the most popular choices!

Next week we will be continuing to explore mark making but with playdough and clay!
We will have fun warming our hands up and experimenting with mark making with the playdough during the first half. The during the second half we are going to experiment with clay and see if the same mark making techniques work in clay.

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