Lift the Flap Pirate Ships

This week our Thursday group had a lot of fun learning how to make their own lift the flap pictures!
Everyone started off with the stencil of a ship, which they then added rooms and decorations to using a pencil and ruler. Once this task was completed they coloured their ships in with a mix of brush-tip pens and water colours. Next everyone had a go at cutting out and sticking the flaps over the rooms they created. Some of the children also went back and added more to their pictures with the brush-tip pens after sticking all the flaps down.
We ended up with a pirate ship, sloth pirate ship, unicorn rainbow ship and a dragon ship!
The sloth ship has lots of different little rooms with different things happening, including one poor sloth crying “Help!” because his room is flooded! The unicorn rainbow ship had a carefully thought out colour scheme using colours that work well together with purple, the flaps were coloured in brown to make them stand out so people know what to lift up. The pirate ship had a lot of care put in to it to try and make it life like including a hammock which the child felt was in proportion to the ship, but unfortunately we ran out of time to finish off the decorative sails. The dragon ship has lots of pink baby dragons with some porthole windows beneath the flaps, it also had orange flags because the Mummy dragon likes orange.

Next week we will be making some jellyfish wind charms with pony beads.

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