Harry Potter Potions

This week the Friday group have had a lot of fun making their own potions. Everyone had two jars each and access to lots of different materials they could experiment with. We had water, cornflour, food colouring, glitter, flowers, bicarbonate of soda, lemon juice, feathers, washing up liquid, coffee granules, sugar and salt. One of the children had some bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice in their jar, whilst they were adding food colouring to it the potion suddenly started bubbling more vigorously and rising upwards out of the jar. The children noticed that the glitter tended to settle at the bottom or top of the liquid unless stirred. They also enjoyed playing with the cornflour, scrapping it off the bottom of the jars and watching it drip back in which we managed to capture in one of the photos.

After everyone had finished creating their potions they had a go at making some observational drawings. They had a choice of charcoal, pencil and pens. One of the children decided to experiment with dripping some of their potions on their page and enjoyed giving the spill marks an outline with a pen.

Next week we will be painting some fantastic beasts using watercolours.

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