Jellyfish Wind-Charms

This week our 4-9 year old groups have had lots of fun making their own jellyfish wind-charms using old yogurt pots, threading cord and pony beads. The first task for everyone was to decide if they wanted to make a repeating pattern or randomised colours, the older children overall preferred making patterns whilst the younger children wanted to get as many different colours on their jellyfish’s tentacles as possible. Everyone spent a lot of care and attention to threading the beads and enjoyed discussing where they would hang their jellyfish at home. The majority wished to hang theirs in their bedroom, with one child telling us about their sea themed bedroom and how the jellyfish can hang on a shelf next to their cuddly jellyfish.

Wednesday’s group made the jellyfish above and Thursday’s group made the jellyfish below.

Next week we will be practicing our observational skills by drawing some shells.

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