Exploring Mark Making in Playdough and Clay

This week the Toddler group had lots of fun exploring mark making with different tools in playdough and making some clay art to take home using the mark making techniques they tried out with the playdough.

Testing out mark making with feathers, shells and some of the stone jewellery was lots of fun! It was interesting seeing what impressions they left behind. Some of the playdough had turmeric, coriander and paprika mixed in, everyone enjoyed smelling them.

During the second part of the session we focused on creating art with clay utilising the techniques we explored during the first half. Rolling, squishing, pressing and cutting the clay into the right shapes was hard work and lots of fun. The necklace made better impression marks in the clay than it did in the playdough and as a result was very popular.

Next week we are going to explore foam marble painting.

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